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Ron's offers the best tasting boiled crawfish, crabs, and shrimp around at reasonable prices. We strive to serve meet the needs of our customers with a wide variety of seafood. Our goal has always been to keep our customer's satisfied. Ron's Seafood is a Baton Rouge crawfish market where you will find only the freshest seafood. We only sell quality crawfish at affordable prices to meet your needs.

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Baton Rouge Crawfish Company: A Unique Treat

If you've ever eaten "real" Cajun or Creole cooking, you've probably had crawfish, even if you didn't know it was included among the ingredients. Crawfish is usually found in streams, ponds and freshwater lakes. They are similar in appearance to lobsters. Used as a staple diet in Cajun cooking, live crawfish are a big hit in the southern U.S. Crawfish have many different names including crayfish, crawdad, and freshwater lobster. You can find fresh or live crawfish available through a Baton Rouge Crawfish Company.

Mainly, four kinds of crawfish products can be got from a Baton Rouge Crawfish Company. They are as follows - live crawfish, cooked crawfish, frozen raw crawfish, and frozen packages of crawfish tail meat. Native Cajuns use live crawfish to add to their seafood gumbo. Natives, on the other hand, are happy with using tail meat packages as additives to homemade gumbo.

Often companies specialize in different forms of crawfish. One Baton Rouge Crawfish Company might specialize only in live crawfish, while another might specialize in a totally different form. But a Baton Rouge Crawfish Company selling starter kits for seafood gumbo. The kits contain beans or rice, combined spices, bell peppers, onions and dried or f While this is an extremely convenient way to make gumbo, it can be particularly irritating for traditional gumbo makers. They believe that the best gumbo is made from whatever ingredients come to hand.

Baton Rouge Crawfish Company: Bringing Live Crawfish to You

Hatcheries and fish farms in the southern part of the U.S. sell live crawfish. It is not unusual fora Baton Rouge Crawfish Company to specialize in live crawfish caught wild. But these are little bit more expensive side because of limited supply due to saltwater intrusion, erratic weather patterns In the wild, the red swamp crawfish and the white river crawfish are most common. The two species co-exist, so a shipment of live crawfish found ata Baton Rouge Crawfish Company will contain both red and white crawfish, with no distinct variance in quality or value.

Crawfish are extremely valuable commodity in several states of the US. A Baton Rouge Crawfish Company has no trouble unloading its inventory and may, in fact, have difficulty keeping live crawfish stocked to meet the demand! Non-native sources for crawfish, such as imported crawfish from Australia and China have introduced unique new colors and flavors while helping the neighborhood Baton Rouge Crawfish Company keep up their stock.

Even though live crawfish has a distinct flavor and a number of uses, a majority of the American population was a little more finicky about their tastes. They preferred pre-packaged crawfish tail meat over live crawfish. This is how a Baton Rouge Crawfish Company and some Southern supermarkets began to stock frozen crawfish tail meat.

Baton Rouge Crawfish Company helps you Cook with Crawfish

Crawfish tails are known to be very good sources of low-fat protein, making it very healthy. Any recipe can be changed to accommodate crawfish and it complements seafood recipes particularly well. Tail meat is cooked before it is packed, making it easy to use as a primary ingredient in any dish. The local Baton Rouge Crawfish Company will be able to provide fresh or frozen crawfish tails in one-pound vacuum-sealed packages. The juices in the package will add flavor to your dish. But, do not overcook the crawfish. In a hot skillet, you need to give it only sixty seconds. The meat should not spend more than ten minutes over high heat. The flavor won't change, but the texture of the tail meat will degrade.

Like most seafood meats, crawfish will absorb the liquid in which it is cooked. In boiling water, crawfish has a texture that’s richer than a shrimp’s and more delicate than a lobster’s. The taste is sweet, rich, and buttery. Strong seasonings, such as garlic, ginger, or curry are well suited for crawfish. If you speak to the salesperson of your local Baton Rouge Crawfish Company, he will be able to recommend dishes and seasonings that will retain and enhance the flavors of crawfish.

Aside from the traditional seafood gumbo, crawfish are easy and delicious when added to Southern, Mexican, Chinese, American, and Italian dishes. You can fill the role of 'seafood' in any recipe with live crawfish or crawfish tails from your neighborhood Baton Rouge Crawfish Company. A Baton Rouge Crawfish Company might also be able to provide crawfish stock for dishes requiring larger cuts of meat, which allows for longer cooking times without a reduction in flavor, and will help keep the coo

Baton Rouge Crawfish Company: The Most Delicious Part of the Crawfish

When you buy crawfish tail meat from a Baton Rouge Crawfish Company, you will notice a yellow substance covering the tail meat. Cajun and Creole chefs simply refer to this as the "fat". These juices are what lend to the distinct flavor of crawfish, especially the yellow-orange fatty tissue. Your Baton Rouge Crawfish Company salesperson will probably instruct you to strain this liquid out and add it to your cooking at the first stage calling for liquid ingredients. Your whole dish will get a unique and delicious crawfish flavor. In whole or live crawfish, this “fat” is spread throughout all the cavities of the body. Cajun crawfish lovers usually suck it out or carve it out with their fingertips.

Some packages of crawfish tail meat won't contain the "fat". In particular, tail meat packaged in China is steam-cleaned and the "fat" is stripped off before the meat is packaged. You are well advised to find a package of crawfish tail meat that contains the fat and the natural juices if you want to make a gumbo, this will make the packaged meat taste almost similar to live crawfish. The Baton Rouge Crawfish Company nearest to you will be in a position to offer different styles of tail meat to choose from. If you can’t find packaged tail meat with “fat” at your Baton Rouge Crawfish Company, you should give the old-fashioned Cajun seafood gumbo a try using live crawfish. Cooking it will be nothing less than an adventure, and the taste, unforgettable.

With a little bit of ingenuity and creativity, you will be able to open up cooking options galore with crawfish. Live crawfish, crawfish tails, and even crawfish shells will soon become a staple ingredient in your kitchen, thanks to their versatility and flavor. Drop into your local Baton Rouge Crawfish Company to know how simple dishes such as pasta, meat pies, and baked potatoes can become a gourmet delight.

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